LUČE is an idyllic mountain village, near unspoilt forests along the contours of the Rivers Savinja and Lučnica.


The village of LUČE was first mentioned circa 1241. According to the folklore, the name came about when some herdswomen lost their flock of sheep. As it was near dusk, with the help of their lanterns, they were able to find their sheep in the care of the good people of a small valley. In thanks, the women named the village Luče, which when translated means ‘light’.


A walk through Luče shows one its beauty which has preserved its rich history. Renovated old houses and granaries show you a glimpse of the world of our predecessors. The pride of the locals, the church of St. Lovrenc, was first mentioned circa 1426.


The PODVOLOVLJEK Valley which is of glacial origin, was carved out by the crystal clear Lučnica River. In the valley, there are various historical and cultural sights, which, due to their uniqueness, are worth seeing (Saherski Mill, Repov Waterfall, Riherska fir, Cuc Waterfall, Lučka bela valley, St. Anton's church, 1631, and a unique chapel on Molički peč, 1894). The path through Podvolovljek takes you to Velika Planina and further to Kamnik.


LOGARSKA Valley is a glacial, tranquil Alpine valley, in which the remnants of the ice age can be seen. Another spot worth a visit is the rocky formation of Igla, located along the Luče - Solčava road. The Igla is about a 40 meters high rocky obelisk, separated by a two-dimensional crack from the main wall. Until the year 1894, when the road was built above the Savinja River, the only footpath from Luče to Solčava was along the Savinja Gorge, which is very narrow. Sights of this valley are also characterized by a rich underground world (Rjavčeva Cave, Snežna Cave and Trbiška zijalka). The area of ​​the Logarska Valley perfectly complements the rich natural heritage of the Robanov Kot and Matkov Kot valleys. Nearby, the mighty peaks of Ojstrice continue at a height of 2350m, Planjave at 2394m, Brane at 2252m, Turkish mountains at 2251m, Mrzle gore at 2203m and Okrešelj at 1280m, where the source of the ice cold Savinja River is a mere 3 degrees C. The story of the glacier valley’s surrounding mountains continues with Mount Olsheva at 1929m and the mighty Raduha at 2062m.